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Kitchen Doors

Doors, doors, doors…


So, I’m working on a few kitchen projects at the moment, and am on a bit of a door feast.

As so often happens when working with a client, the planning stages involve lots of important discussions about doors. This is unsurprising given these are one of the main things that make up the character of a kitchen.

And having shared the colourful vision come to life that is our new front door I thought I’d give a quick introduction to the world of cabinetry.

Historically speaking, doors have been constructed using the same joinery techniques for centuries and there are three main styles.

Mortice and Tenon

The first of these is a mortice (hole) and tenon (projection) framed door, with an inset panel. This forms the basis of the shaker style doors that are so popular today, however contemporary versions are often only scribed (scratched into the surface) rather than built using traditional techniques.

Ledge and Brace

The second style is a ledge and brace door. This often features tongue and groove vertical timbers.

It can have a bit of a 70s wood cladding vibe to it, but is actually a simple design that works well in most kitchens.







Contemporary Panel


The third style – think contemporary – is a clean flat panel. This is often seen today in bold colours with a high shine finish, but can look equally good in a matte pastel.

So, now you have the ABC of doors in your toolkit, you should be well equipped to start plotting that new kitchen design.

Remember, it’s the unexpected detail that creates the wow factor, but this can only be achieved on well-built foundations.