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Meet The Tools

Harry Handle

You’ve heard all about our great new workshop extension. Now it’s time to step inside and meet all our little helpers. Come on in and meet the tools!

Welcomed in by Harry handle you’ll enter the main workshop to discover our large Festool family hanging out in their matching boxes.







Festool, a German family, the are the royalty of the hand tool world.

Brilliant design means they have really thought of everything to take the frustration out of wood wrangling. Like sharing power and extraction systems. The sucker turns on automatically when I switch on the tool, leaving me free to concentrate on the task in hand.

They are also very very precise, when I set something it stays in exactly the right place so everything lines up. The knock on effects of this accuracy are huge.

Even the boxes stack on top of the extractor which is on wheels (Harry the Hoover, he is sadly a bit photo shy) making transporting everything really easy.

So in no particular order meet the Festool family…

Peter the Plunge Saw
Jolly Jason Jigsaw
Charlie Chopsaw










Ziggy Zip Zip
Bernard Bendy Chuck
Ey Up Chuck
Audrey Orbital (bit of a princess)
Dolly Domino

Of course there are other tools too…

Barry Belt Sander
Derek Drum Sander


Barry belt is one of eldest tools working steadily towards his retirement (don’t tell him).

Whilst Derek the drum sander (son of Barry) is one of the largest and most recent additions who proved his worth on his first job.

Terry Tape
Ronnie Router




Always on hand or in pocket and ready to offer his opinion on size is Terry Tape. Seen here chatting to Ronnie Router he can be a distraction at times.

All watched over by our axes of evil on the wall. Big Pop ax looking worried he might be replaced by a younger less rusty model.

Axes Of Evil

Last but not least, B.A. Baracus with the gold chain…Why? Because he’s a crazy sucker!

B.A the crazy sucker