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Plywood and Formica: a match made in heaven

Having shared in my last blog the three main types of cupboard door design, this time I thought I’d introduce you to something a little different: the doors in my kitchen.


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If you’ve seen my new front door, you’ll know that I like to mix things up a little. Faced with my own kitchen to design a few years ago, a little inspiration turned into something beautiful.
In the early stages I had in mind the three styles of doors that we commonly see today – read my last blog for more on this.


But then I realized that I could change all this by borrowing an idea I had used for creating layered multi shaped windows.
By using a stable material such as a high quality birch plywood, which has a uniform quality of veneers throughout its core, I could make a panel in any shape I wanted.


Added to this excitement came a range of Formica samples I had recently laid my hands on.
Now, Formica has had some bad press in the past, but as a cheap worktop material is actually a brilliantly stable, versatile and durable medium.

And it can come in more finishes and styles than you could imagine.
So, I did it. I combined ply with Formica and created some pretty awesome door by forming organic shapes in the panel, in a gorgeous fresh green.
The family loved it so much, that we expanded the use of Formica into contrasting orange cupboard interiors, which have the benefit of being wipe clean – vital in a busy household.


Bespoke Wooden Kitchen

The beauty of ply is that whole doors can be manipulated into interacting forms, moving completely away from the off the shelf kitchen unit.

I’ve recently completed a beautiful new kitchen in ply – but you will have to wait for that.

Until next time,